Jurassic World 2 Fan Film First Teaser Trailer (2016)

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    The Berriasian age showed a cooling trend that had been seen in the last epoch of the Jurassic.

    There is evidence that snowfalls were common in the higher latitudes and the tropics became wetter than during the Triassic and Jurassic.[18] Glaciation was however restricted to high-latitude mountains, though seasonal snow may have existed farther from the poles.

    Rafting by ice of stones into marine environments occurred during much of the Cretaceous but evidence of deposition directly from glaciers is limited to the Early Cretaceous of the Eromanga Basin in southern Australia.[19][20]

    After the end of the Berriasian, however, temperatures increased again, and these conditions were almost constant until the end of the period.[18] This trend was due to intense volcanic activity which produced large quantities of carbon dioxide.

    The production of large quantities of magma, variously attributed to mantle plumes or to extensional tectonics,[21] further pushed sea levels up, so that large areas of the continental crust were covered with shallow seas.

    The Tethys Sea connecting the tropical oceans east to west also helped in warming the global climate.

    Warm-adapted plant fossils are known from localities as far north as Alaska and Greenland, while dinosaur fossils have been found within 15 degrees of the Cretaceous south pole.

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