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    On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (October 3rd, 2016) John Campea, Jeremy Jahns, Kristian Harloff, Perri Nemiroff and Ashley Mova discuss the following:

    -First teaser released for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    -Justice League wraps filming

    -Box Office Report

    -First synopsis released for War of the Planet of the Apes

    -James Bond producers want Daniel Craig back as Bond

    -Colin Trevorrow says Jurassic World 2 will be more suspenseful and scary

    -First trailer released for Personal Shopper starring Kristen Stewart

    -Mail Bag

    After more than five years, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is ready to set sail again.

    The first teaser and poster for the fifth film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales debuted during last night’s Fear the Walking Dead but does not feature Johnny Depp’s famous Jack Sparrow character.

    Instead, the one minute, fifty second spot features Javier Bardem’s zombie-ish Captain Salazar asking for Sparrow with a simple message: “Find Sparrow and tell him… death will come straight for him.”

    Justice League has wrapping filming in London, and to celebrate, Jason Momoa shared a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram, thanking the cast and crew but apologizing that he won’t be able to make the wrap party as he prepares for the North.

    Though filming has wrapped in London, it's not the end of the shoot.

    Filming will continue in a more remote location in the Westfjords of Iceland.

    It’s Monday which means it’s time for the weekend Box Office Report, brought to you by our friends at AMC theatres.

    Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children took the lead this past weekend in the No 1 spot, pulling in $28.5 million dollars in its first weekend in theatres.

    Another new release, Deepwater Horizon took the No 2 spot with $20.6 million dollars.

    The Magnificent Seven fell to No 3 in its second weekend, pulling in $15.7 million dollars, bringing its domestic total to $61.6 million.

    At No 4 was Storks, taking in $13.8 million on its second weekend, with a domestic total now at $38.8 million dollars.

    And in the No 5 spot, Sully added another $8.4 million to its total, crossing the 100-million-mark domestic for $105.3 million.


    Fox’s marketing campaign is about to begin for War for the Planet of the Apes with Fox announcing Friday that the first footage from the sequel will be unveiled at New York Comic-Con on Thursday, October 6th with director Matt Reeves and star Andy Serkis on hand.

    In addition to the Comic-Con announcement, the first official synopsis for the movie has been unveiled.

    While doing press for Spectre, Daniel Craig was asked if he would return to play James Bond again and he famously told Time Out magazine that he’d rather break some glass and slash his wrists.

    Now, in a recent interview with BBC, executive producer Callum McDougall was asked if Craig would return and if he’s still the first choice.

    Though Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow bowed out of directing its sequel in order to tackle Lucasfilm and Disney’s Star Wars Episode 9, he is still very much involved as a writer and producer.

    Speaking to the Jurassic Park fan podcast InGeneral, Trevorrow teased that given new director J.A.

    Bayona’s horror background, fans can expect something a bit more intense the next time around.

    The first trailer for Personal Shopper has been released online.

    Directed by Clouds of Sils Maria filmmaker Olivier Assayas, the film stars Kristen Stewart as a high-fashion personal shopper who, after her twin brother’s death, returns to his home in Paris to look for signs from the afterlife.

    The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and is scheduled to hit theatres on March 10, 2017.



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